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X-RAY examination

Modern dentistry today can‘t exist without x-ray research. It enables dentists to plan patients‘ treatment, dental prosthesis, dental implantation and other procedures.

About X-Ray tests

X-ray radiographs produced with modern x-ray machines show the smallest disturbancies, damages,anomalies, details required for qualitative treatment.

In Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ patients can be supplied with dental and panoramic radiographs. Dental radiogram is performed when x-ray picture is required  of one or several teeth crowns or teeth roots. This examination is ordered for diagnostic purposes or for therapeutic treatment. You can see arrangement of teeth root canals, their length, dental caries, bony pocket length in a dental radiogram.

When general dental image is important  while  planning dental prosthesis of a bigger extent, dental implantation, orthodontic treatment assessing the periodontal status of teeth-panoramic radiogram or orthopantomogram is produced.In it you will be able to see the status of all your teeth arrangement  of root canals , their length and sinuses.

Though  people still believe that x-ray  examination is very dangerous and patients get  high doses of radiation, there‘s  no need to worry at all.

Modern equipment, used in the dental clinic , assure that x-ray beams are narrow and they are directed only to a field of survey. Lead aprons which are widely used, save everyone from additional x-ray beams.


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See the exact view of the state of your mouth. Specialists will assist you in spotting even the smallest current and predictable future dental problems, and positivity demonstrated by these professionals will lighten up everyone’s mood!

odontologijos klinika personalas


Radiology technologist

odontologijos klinika personalas


Radiology technologist