Orthodontic Treatment (teeth straightening)

Crooked appearance of teeth is a big and common problem, but to have a brilliant smile can not be only a dream.


Specialists of Dental Clinic „Denticija“ in Kaunas  will be able to straighten  irregular ,crooked teething or  irregular occlusion of patients.

Doctors orthodontists long claim  that more than a half  of  all  people have teeth position anomalies or occlusal anomalies  to a greater or lesser extent and the number of such people increases.

Why is there an irregular occlusion or crooked teething? There are various reasons.

Doctors orthodontists claim that ,first of all , everything is determined by genetics- if one of parents possesses crooked teeth,their child is likely to have these problems as well.

The method of feeding chosen in infancy,  also has big influence. Feeding children from a bottle is likely to cause occlusion or crooked front teeth problems later.

Harmful habits such as finger or pencil sucking, biting  nails  influence irregular teething too.


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Thousands of straightened teeth and the same number of happy patients who gained more confidence and escaped greater problems in the future due to an incorrect bite. Doctors align the teeth of patients by selecting the most optimal straightening methods, which include the use of braces, mouth guards or retainers.

odontologijos klinika personalas


The dentist, orthodontist- orthodontic servicess

odontologijos klinika personalas


The dentist, orthodontist- orthodontic services