Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is called an inflamatory process, started in tissues surrounding a tooth. This process causes the loss of surrounding tissue and bone,and it can determine loss of teeth.


Specialists  in Kaunas Dental Clinic „ Denticija“ will take professional care of periodontal diseases‘ prophylaxis as well as surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Gingivitis and gingivital inflamation is considered  to be the beginning of more complicated  periodontal diseases. Mostly tissue inflamation  begins in childhood, in adolescence it reaches its maximum and, according to dentists, every second adult is ill with gingivitis.

Tissue inflamation process mostly appears because of poor oral hygiene, when on teeth, in cavities of decayed teeth, interdental areas accumulation of plague begins,it starts to calcify and dental deposit or tartar appears.

Procedures of professional oral hygiene can prevent from inflamation process.After cleaning dental plague and deposit, polishing teeth roots  the way for  harmful  bacteria spread will be blocked up.

If  untreated, tissue inflamation will cause the appearance of more diffcult periodontal diseases and the most painful result and complication of periodontal diseases will be loss of teeth.

Inflammatory teeth and tissue  are usually cured in a surgical way.

Specialists of dental clinic can perform gingivektomia (removal of inflammatory dental tissues), patch operation ( during which inflamatory dental tissue is raised, inflamation focus  is cleaned and, ,if necessary, bone tissue and dental tissue are formed in a surgical way).

Started in time, treatment of periodontal diseases  gives more possibility to save patient‘s teeth successfully.

But even after successful treatment of periodontal diseases  people must remember that they should devote necessary time and attention to oral hygiene because in case of renovation these diseases will spread faster and it will be more difficult to treat them.


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Our periodontist Laura Zablockienė can identify all periodontal diseases during one visit. If you entrust treatment to her, you can be certain that you will receive help from one of the best Lithuanian doctors specializing in the treatment of periodontitis.


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