dantu implantavimas

Dental implantation

Teeth are lost for different reasons. The loss can be predetermined by dental caries, periodontitis diseases, experienced teeth traumas or congenital teeth defects.

About dental implantation

Teeth implants allow  to recover your teeth without usage of removable denture.

While placing an implant ,dentists of  Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ will thread  an implant  made of titanium, resembling a tooth  root.When  the implant integrates into the structure of  your  jawbone, periodontist or a doctor  prosthetist will produce a dental crown.

As implantation is performed using modern, up to date  materials, an artificial  tooth  in  its shape, colour and size will remind the previously  lost tooth of a patient.

Teeth implantation  is not always possible  to use immediately. If you are missing your  teeth for  a longer period of time, your jawbone can  fuse  over time. Therefore, due to insufficient bone quality, bone augmentation  is  necessary  to regenerate bone for the successful placement of dental implants.

In  several decades of dental implantation  history  the  accumulated experience allow  to place dental  implants, providing  people  with  restoration of chewing ability, talking function and  bite (occlusion), a patient had had  before the loss of  teeth.

Moreover, as every tooth  is  produced  adjusted  individually, the neighboring  teeth avoid drilling, they are not altered in any way and do not lose their vitality.  In case of implant failure the implant is rejected and  in a few months  tooth implant procedure can be reiterated once more.

Dental implants is the only way for  patients to avoid removable dental prosthesis and they are considered  an excellent option for  teeth  replacement in case of serious dental defects

If cared  for  properly implants can  last over 30 years.


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This surgeon is known throughout Lithuania and have high qualifications that are based on many years of experience. Surgeon work with the highest quality STRAUMANN, MEDENTIKA and ZIMMER dental implants. Participation in worldwide conferences allows doctor to apply the latest treatment methods and to present persons with the possibility of having all-on-4 dental implants, i.e. all new teeth in a day.

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