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Children‘s Dentistry

In Lithuania an opinion exists that one must pay attention to children‘s teeth only when permanent teeth appear. But usually three out of four children‘s milk teeth are hurt by tooth decay. In fact, dentists are right saying that people should take care of child‘s teeth from appearance of his first tooth.

About children’s dentistry

Parents should care of their babies teeth, trying to clean them with the help of gauze  tampons, they shouldn‘t give sweet drinks with carbohydrates or feed them before night.

When a baby grows up parents should teach him elements of oral hygiene. A small child won‘t manage to clean his teeth properly, therefore parents should finish cleaning and if they meet with difficulties , they ought to consult a specialist who will help them.

A child must be acquainted  with a dentist much earlier, before the necessity of medical services.

Specialists of Dental  Clinic „ Denticija“ in Kaunas will professionally and in a friendly way acquaint children with the clinic , staff,equipment used here as well as  psychologically prepare your child for future visits to the dentist.

Parents must know that it is important to cure not only permanent teeth but baby teeth as well. Uncured they can cause constant ache,such serious diseases as periodontitis, pulpitis, provoke sleep or behavioral disorders. Besides, the  necessity to remove a milk tooth in a very early age  can cause crooked permanent teething. Regular visits to a  dentist will protect your child from these problems.

When a child has already got permanent molar teeth parents should ask a dentist to cover teeth sockets  with sealants. Sealing of  dental sealants protects teeth sockets from accumulation  of food residues which prevents from teeth decay.Only healthy teeth are sealed with sealants, therefore it is very important to do it as early as possible. In case of caries teeth must be cured first of all.

Parents with their children should visit dentist‘s office every half- year.It will guarantee that your baby will enjoy healthy teeth for a long time and early dental diseases won‘t prevent from having healthy permanent teeth.


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Fear is the main issue when treating children’s teeth. This is why our clinic employs dentists who are very good at child psychology. Nerijus Zakas, Marija Borisovaitė and Evelina Šriupšaitė are dentists who are loved and trusted by a number of children.
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