Dental Clinic in Kaunas „ Denticija“, settled in Vytautas prospect 14, is one of the  longest acting dental clinics in Lithuania. Over 57 years of work in this dental clinic, experience accumulated here allows the working professionals to take best care of patiens’ oral health, treatment, disease prevention and rehabilitation. Specialists of this clinic regularly refresh and improve their qualifications in the field of dentistry abroad.


Our clinic list of services

Teeth whitening

Specialists of Dental Clinic „Denticija“ in Kaunas will take professional care of your teeth and help to recover your brilliant smile.

Dental Prosthesis

For production of dental prosthesis the newest modern materials are being used, besides, the dentures are adapted to a patient individually. This ensures maximum comfort, restored chewing function, they do not prevent a person from talking and smiling.

Children‘s Dentistry

Specialists of Dental Clinic „ Denticija“ in Kaunas will professionally and in a friendly way acquaint children with the clinic , staff,equipment used here as well as psychologically prepare your child for future visits to the dentist.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease is called an inflamatory process, started in tissues surrounding a tooth. This process causes the loss of surrounding tissue and bone,and it can determine loss of teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Specialists of Dental Clinic „Denticija“ in Kaunas will be able to straighten irregular ,crooked teething or irregular occlusion of patients.

X-ray examination

X-ray radiographs produced with modern x-ray machines show the smallest disturbancies, damages,anomalies, details required for qualitative treatment.

Dental implantation

Dental implants is the only way for patients to avoid removable dental prosthesis and they are considered an excellent option for teeth replacement in case of serious dental defects.

Removal of mental teeth

Surgeon dentist will examine patient‘s teeth and will determine if it is worth removing a mental tooth, as well as if there is a necessity to remove impacted mental tooth.

Professional Oral Hygiene

In order to avoid different teeth and dental tissue diseases, sometimes routine dental cleaning is enough.If not, specialists of Kaunas Dental Clinic „Denticija“ will take professional care of your oral hygiene